Officials Training Update

Please Read the following update for Officials Training from Marilyn Hughes

Dear Fellow Official

Many of you who subscribe to the British Swimming Officials news from Jane Davies will already have heard of the changes in relation to the requirements for training as Technical Officials. I raised several queries with Dave Metcalf at ASA East Region as the changes appeared to affect quite a few of you on Herts ASA courses, and have received a reply from him (complete script attached).

In short, any official already on a course that has begun can finish it under the old terms. The new arrangements only affect courses starting on or after 1 January 2012, and I have identified only 2 people who will be affected and I shall be writing to them separately.

I have attached an updated (in red) poster of training courses in Herts ASA for 2012. Would you kindly destroy the poster sent out at the end of last year and replace it with this one? (download here)

Many thanks


Marilyn Hughes

Officials Co-ordinator

Herts ASA

01442 242736