Hertfordshire Swimmers Part of a Winning Disability Sports Event Team

Team East Win the trophy at the Disability Sport Events Nationwide Short Course Swimming Championships.

HODDESDON members Grace Harvey and  Lottie  Mills were part of Team  East who won the trophy at the Championships this weekend 26-27th November  2011  at  Ponds  Forge, Sheffield. Janet Warrington Head Coach of Hoddesdon Swimming Club was invited to be the Team Manager of Team East.   

“I am very proud to have been a part of this team the swimmers were fantastic. Personal best times, records and qualifying times were being achieved every race.”

In  fact  two  World  records, six European and 32 British records were smashed at this weekend’s Nationwide Short Course Swimming Championships in Sheffield.

Ten year old Heath Mount School pupil Lottie  Mills was the youngest member of Team East. She was understandably nervous, however after her  first  race,  the  100  freestyle  where she  gained  a  4  second  personal  best time, she settled down saying that she had really enjoyed the race.   

Grace Harvey 13 attends Presdales School in Ware, had a brilliant championships claiming 5 personal best times and winning seven silver medals out of seven races.  Grace was very  happy  because  two  of  her  races; the  100  backstroke  and  the  50 freestyle  were  also  qualifying  times needed for the World Class programme, which is one of her goals. Grace, currently on the Hertfordshire Talented Programme now needs to wait and see if she is invited onto the British  Swimming  World  Class Programme  by  the  selection committee.

Further information about DSE and results from this event are available via www.disabilitysport.org.uk