Development Meet 2011 Important Update

Please read this very important notice about the Development Meet

We have spoken to the ASA to clarify the minimum age for competition, unfortunately we can no longer run this event as we have in the past with an age at date of last day of Counties in the following year. Swimmers MUST be 9 by the day of competition.

Age limits for competition
411.5.1 Events restricted to members of one club. No minimum age
411.5.2 Inter-club events limited to not more than eight clubs which do not form part of a series of events as in a league. 8 years
411.5.3 Open events, other than in Regional and National Competitions 9 years
411.5.4 Relay events in Regional Competitions 10 years
411.5.5 Individual events in Regional Competitions 11 years
411.5.6 Relay events in National Competitions 12 years
411.5.7 Individual events in National Competitions 13 years

The documentation previously sent out regarding the Development Meet will be shortly modified to reflect this change.

This means that where in the past swimmers turning 9 between the Development Meet and the last day of the following years County Championships have been able to swim at the Development Meet  they will NOT be able to this year.

Apologies for this confusion, but please ensure your entries comply with this new information.

The situation is 8 year old's can NOT compete - hence we produced the second file so they could not be entered. However... we still intend to run this event with an age at date of 25th March 2012.
The thing to be borne in mind is that swimmers born between 20th November and the 25th March CAN NOT enter. I know you can physically enter them on this file but PLEASE DO NOT - they will be rejected.
So hopefully to clarify:
9 year old entries must be 9 by 25th March 2012 - any swimmer that is 9 between 20th November and 25th March cannot enter.
10 year olds must be 10 by 25th March 2012
11 year olds must be 11 by 25th March 2012.

As of 16/10/11 Version 3 of the Hy-Tek entry file has been corrected and is available for download