Daplyn Trophy History

The Daplyn Trophy is an annual county competition run by Hertforshire ASA but where did it get its name?

The wife of Bob (R.G.) Daplyn, to commemorate her husband and his involvement in swimming, presented the trophy to the county. Bob was a Past President of the Hertfordshire Swimming Association and Watford Swimming Club. He was President of Watford SC in 1955 and served as Treasurer of the club for many years. He also played water polo in his earlier days.

Mrs Daplyn also gave the Medal and Chain of Office that the Watford President wears.
The inscription on the reverse reads "Presented by Mrs.R.G.DAPLYN in memory of R.G.DAPLYN.1946-58" (the years he was connected with Watford Swimming Club).

In his business life he was a Dental Consultant always seen in a suit with tight waistcoat and tie. Privately he was a real character, a chain smoker. We joked that he never had less than one cigarette in his mouth at a time. As a one would nearly finish he would light the next from it, smoking the two until the first was finished and yes sadly but not surprisingly he died of cancer.

Not many people owned cars in those days but Bob had a big Austin and would cram groups of swimmers into it to take them to galas and polo matches. These journeys were never without incident as Bob was prone to coughing fits, when these happened he would take both hands off the steering wheel to cover his face leaving the car to find it’s own direction. Also when lighting one cigarette from another he would be looking in the car mirror allowing the car to wander – luckily there wasn’t too much traffic around in those days and no accident occurred but the number of stories of near misses were endless.

Information courtesy of Watford Swimming Club