The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Hertfordshire Amateur Swimming Association.  Whilst the Association has no wish to restrict full and free debate and welcomes contributions from all interested parties, it has a responsibility to protect swimmers and to uphold the good name of the sports which it governs.  The Association does therefore exercise editorial control over what is published.

Editorial control

The Association has appointed a team of editors who have day-to-day control over what is published in each section of the site.  Three "senior editors" have control over all sections.  No-one will publish, or allow to be published, material that they consider offensive or inflammatory; that could lead to legal action against the Association or its officers; or that could lead to the site being closed down by the Hosting Company.  In the event that such material is published, a senior editor will have the item removed, and will contact the author to explain the action taken. Issues that cannot be resolved will be referred to the Association Executive for a decision.


This website contains links to other websites.  The Association accepts no responsibility or liability arising in respect of any content on such sites.  The presence of these links shall not be deemed to be a recommendation or endorsement of such sites by the Association.  If any of the sites carries information that offends you, please let us know, so that we can consider removing the links to it.


The editors will not knowingly publish material that breaks copyright conditions. They will remove such material on request from the copyright holder or their representatives, as soon as possible after being informed. Where copyrighted material is published, the holder will be acknowledged.

Hertfordshire ASA retains the copyright on all material published on this site.  The Webmaster's permission must be obtained before any material from this site can be used elsewhere.

Privacy, Child Protection and Data Protection

The editors will conform to the ASA Guidelines on Child Protection, and in particular those contained in the 'ASA Club Web Site Guidelines'.

The editors will endeavour only to publish information about named or identifiable individuals, if the information is clearly of general interest and is within the scope of the Association's work.  Sporting results, achievements and awards are examples which will be published.  Results in particular may include the following details for individuals: Name, Gender, Date or Year Of Birth and/or Age, Club(s), Events (Venue, Date, Event number, Stroke, Distance, Placing, Time, Points).

Individuals or their representatives may specifically request the removal of information, by contacting the Webmaster or relevant County Secretary, explaining the reasons for the request.  The editors will consider all such requests but are not bound to remove the information if the request is deemed unreasonable.

The Webmaster will, within a reasonable time, provide details of all information held on an individual, on request from that person or their representative.  The Webmaster may take measures to confirm the identity of the requestor.

Right of reply

The editors will endeavour to not publish controversial material without first offering other parties the right to reply. If there is a strong interest in the material being published quickly, they will offer other parties the right to reply as soon as reasonably possible. The editors will attempt to give equal prominence and space to counter-opinions and views.


The editors will aim to publish material within a timescale agreed with the person submitting it, although reasonable notice should be given.