Herts County Champs 2011 - Important Information


Having looked at the scheduling for the Championships, despite the changes to Licenced Meet qualification and the tightening up of QualifyingTimes we are STILL 20 - 25% oversubscribed.

The Event Management Team have sat down to look at how we fit into the times available and started rejecting entries - We DO NOT want to do that !

We decided to look at alternatives and have agreed that the best way to resolve the issue is to remove the finals for BAGCATS.

This means there will ONLY be Championships finals - the top 8 swimmers regardless of age will compete in these finals.

By taking this decision we have managed to recover sufficient water time to allow us to retain all the valid entries that have been submitted.

We appreciate people like the finals, but in our opinion it is better to allow more swimmers to compete than to retain the BAGCATS finals - we hope you understand the decision.

Many thanks

County Championships 2011 - Event Management Team