Seven Watford Water Polo Juniors selected for East Region & Inter-Regional Championships

Watford Water Polo are pleased to announce that Five Boys & Two Girls have been selected to represent the East Region in this year’s U16′s Inter-Regional Championships.

The squads were formally announced today by the East Region’s Water Polo Manager Martin Atkinson who wished both teams good luck in the forth coming Championships.

The Boys will face five other Regional teams from the North East, North West Tigers, London & Scotland in Division One on the 1st & 2nd July at Granham Leisure Centre.

This year’s East Region U16′s Boys Squad is as follows:

Nik Patel, Rushil Shah, Jacob Steinberg, David Cai – Watford Water Polo                   
Daniel Atkinson & Rob Gilmour – Chelmsford Water Polo                                                 
Daniel Loveless, Cameron Baigrie & Josh Mills - Ipswich Water Polo                            
Josh Kleczowski & Cameron Richardson - Bedford Modern School                                 
Will Chapman & Adam Lecomber - Colchester Water Polo

Plus Reserves:  Benji Furrer – Watford & Jack Gibson – Chelmsford

The East Angels Girls team are also drawn in Division One will face teams from London, North West Thunder, Wales and Midlands on the 8th & 9th July at Walsall Gala Baths.

This year’s East Region U16′s Girls Squad is as follows:

Anna Leeson & Laura Page – Watford Water Polo                                                             
Eve & Faye Poole, Ella Bright - Ipswich Water Polo                                                    
Felicity Massey & Miranda Edwards - Hitchin Water Polo                                            
Isabel Wyatt – Colchester Water Polo                                                                                    
Sophie Johnson (GK) – SCT                                                                                              
Eda Colliver – Bedford Modern                                                                                                  
Ciara Nicholson – Chelmsford                                                                                          
Eloise Bailey - Modernian