Herts Masters Competition 2017

The Herts Masters Competition takes place on 17th June at The Venue Borehamwood, this year we are using SportSys software to process the entries. All documents required can be downloaded here

Clubs should send their entries electronically using Sportsys Entry Manager which can be downloaded from http://www.sportsys.co.uk/?page_id=112 and send their entries to the entry officer at ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). A report will be sent to the club confirming who has entered and which event. A copy of the Sportsys Electronic entry instructions can be obtained from their website. Only 1 entry file per club will be accepted so do please ensure that it is correct and complete before it is sent to the entries officer.

The closing date for the receipt of entries is Thursday 1st June 2017.  However, please remember that this is the latest date on which entries can be accepted - earlier ones will be gratefully received!  Late or incorrect entries will not be accepted.

Can I ask that you encourage your officials to help out on the night, and to send me with their qualification.