Counties 2017 - Officials Calling

We would like to first thank you all, for your support throughout 2016 at the events you have attended. This has made running these events so much easier for us all, whilst ensuring the swimmers have had the best opportunity to achieve their times.

It is now time to ask you once again to give up your time for the county at Hertfordshire ASA County Championships 2017.

All sessions will be at: The Venue, Borehamwood. WD6 1JY.

The detailed information about the events can be found by clicking HERE.

First session times are shown below, subsequent session times will be announced nearer the time through the website or our Facebook Page.

Saturday 21st January 2017 - Session 1 Warm-up begins at 8.30am. Start at 9.30am
Session 2 - TBC
Session 3 - TBC

Sunday 22nd January 2017 - Session 4 - Warm-up begins at 8.30am. Start at 9.30am
Session 5 - TBC

Saturday 28th January 2017 - Session 6 - Warm-up begins at 8.30am. Start at 9.30am
Session 7 - TBC
Session 8 - TBC

Sunday 29th January 2017 - Session 9 - Warm-up begins at 8.30am. Start at 9.30am
Session 10 - TBC

Saturday 4th February 2017 - Session 11 - Warm-up begins at 8.30am. Start at 9.30am
Session 12 - TBC

Sunday 5th February 2017 - Session 13 - Warm up begins at 8.30am. Start at 9.30am
Session 14 - TBC

As you will see once again the Committee have tried to limit the late finishes and Sunday's have only two sessions so that the athletes are given time between events.

The minimum qualification to officiate at the county championships is licenced Judge Level 1 as this is a Level 2 Licenced event, consequently the rules state that "All Officials are to be licenced and qualified for the role undertaken"

Please understand we need you to do the whole day where possible and not just "one" session so that we have enough officials to put on a championship to a standard that our swimmers deserve and as importantly to comply with the conditions of the ASA licence.

Food - Food will be provided in the intervals between sessions so long as you are officiating at the following/next session. Food will not be provided for officials volunteering for single sessions.
Please ensure you let us know if you would like food and if you have any special dietary requirements.

Mentoring - We will be offering mentoring to those officials that are engaged on courses, but this will only be possible if we have enough officials to run the events.

Assessments - We may offer assessments during the championships but again this is dependent on the numbers of officials volunteering. Clubs who are attempting to boost their official numbers must take this into consideration when asking trainees to volunteer. We must have sufficient trained and licenced officials for the level of the meet in the first instance.

Refreshments - Refreshments will be provided for all officials whilst on poolside. In addition it is strongly suggested that you bring your own water container which can be refilled in the intervals.

County Polo Shirts - if this is your first county event as a qualified official, we will supply you with a Hertfordshire ASA Official Shirt free of charge. When volunteering please include your preferred size.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it which days/sessions you are willing to volunteer, including your licence number, substantial qualification (in training as a note) and whether you would like food between sessions.

Many Thanks

Jonathan Pope
Swimming Technical Officials Co-ordinator
Hertfordshire ASA