Girls U16 Inter-County Water Polo Tournament

The Hertfordshire U16 girls team consisted of the following players:

Ruby Doherty
Mimi Edwards
Anna Leeson
Felicity Massie
Laura Page
Misha Patel
Sabrina Rudzik-Rahman
Amelia Spinks
Jasmine Velani

The team was coached by Rose Younger with Jackie Spinks being the team manager.

Although the team was very young and relatively inexperienced all the girls were really keen to start the first game against Surrey. This game was very tight with relatively few scoring chances but Herts lost by 1 goal with the final score being 5-4. In the second games Herts came up against a team with physically stronger players. However after the first period Herts were only down by 2 : 1 to the Kent team. In the 2nd half, the strength and speed of the Kent team meant that the final score was 8 : 1. Unfortunately towards the end of this encounter Herts youngest player Sabrina Rudzik-Rahman was injured when she took a knock to the forehead whilst diligently defending. The final game was against the eventual tournament winners, Sussex. This game proved to be a more open affair with Hertford scoring 4 goals including well worked extra player situations but we conceded 9 goals.

Two players did stand out in the Herts team, Anna Leeson with her excellent defence and distribution and Amelia Spinks who was very effective infront of goal. All of the girls should be congratulated and it should be noted the 7 out of the 9 players would be eligible for next years tournament.     

Many thanks also to the parents for getting the girls to Croyden and for encouraging the team.

Have a very merry xmas and happy new year.

Jon Lowy - Herts ASA Water Polo Manager

girls u16 water polo squad 2016