Development Days 2017

Hertfordshire ASA will be running a series of Development Days next year for swimmers aged 11 at 31/12/2017. These events will be a training opportunity for Coaches and Team Managers.

The County will, in conjunction with the England Talent Team, be appointing a Head Coach and a team of Delivery Coaches to run the sessions. In order to be able to select the coaches we need to know who they are and what their qualifications are.

I have emailed ALL clubs and asked for a list of coaches and their qualifications, I have received replies from 3 clubs to date. If your coach would like to be considered for a place on these sessions we need to know about them.

We will also be appointing a team of Team Managers to organise the events and manage them on the days - again this is a great opportunity to get involved and could potentially lead to involvement at a higher level as well.

If you could send a list of Team Managers in your club specifying if they are TM1 or TM2 we would appreciate it.

PLEASE get someone in your club to send relevant details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or your coach/team managers and your club may miss out.

Bryan Thompson
Swimming Manager