County Champs 2017 Age Groups

At the last Coaches forum, those at the meeting asked that the county changed the upper age group band, i.e. 16+ to having an age group solely for 16 year olds, and then an additional 17+ age group.

Contact was made with the Swim England talent team to seek the permission to change the age groups. Swim England advised that the Pathway document, issued by British Swimming, has not been changed, and therefore Hertfordshire ASA will need to abide by the document. This  means that the top age group for Hertfordshire ASA Counties 2017 will be 16+

Confirmation has been received that only counties which comply with the pathway document will be issued with a licence. Regional Licensing Officers are being reminded that only counties which comply with the Pathway document can have a licence issued to them.

Ian Mackenzie
July 2016