Herts Masters 2016 - Change of Date and Venue

Unfortunately, since Herts ASA declared and publicised the dates for the 2016 Hertfordshire Masters County Championships the following clubs have all licensed Open Meets for the same weekend : Bishops Stortford, Hatfield, Hoddesdon, Watford & Hertford. This means there is a massive drain on Officials resources that weekend as officials will be required for ALL of these events and no doubt some officials will be off elsewhere with their swimmers as well. Herts ASA cannot dictate where officials go and what events they support.

After due consideration and discussion, the Management Board agreed to look to reschedule the Masters Championship for a later date, the easy option would have been to cancel the event, as such we have now got a new booking at The Venue, Borehamwood on Saturday 17th September 2016. The decision to move Herts Masters is not one that is being taken lightly, as it affects not only the swimmers but also the organisers and all those involved in running the competition.

We would request masters swimmers in clubs that run Open Meets to put pressure on your clubs to ensure they do NOT clash with Masters events in the future. This can be done by ALL licensed open meets are advertised on the Herts ASA website .