Management Board

Hertfordshire ASA is operated in accordance with our constitution and Handbook. The day to day running of the association is entrusted to the Management Board, which comprises up to 15 members. Each member must belong to a Hertfordshire ASA affiliated club, and is elected to office at the Annual Council Meeting. Members are elected for a period of three years.

There are three executive posts within the Management Board:

Chairman   Jean Cook
Secretary   Sheila Mackenzie
Finance Officer   Simon Lever

The other members of the Management Board are:

Murray Devine
Jackie Harvey
Deborah Huggett
Graham Huggett
Karen Lawson
Ian Mackenzie Life Vice-President
Marcello Tontodonati
Bryan Thompson

To contact members of the Management Board see “Contact Us” page. The Management Board delegates responsibility for running the associations disciplines to “Committees”.

The Management Board meets four times a year and minutes of meetings can be found here.