Mentoring Officials

“Mentoring is a personal development relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.”

All British Swimming Workbook’s issued to Technical Officials who enroll on training courses require the candidates to receive mentoring after they have completed the first theory session.

Mentoring is an educationally valid method of imparting knowledge to candidates learning the role and responsibilities of the course they have undertaken to complete and working with many mentors will broaden this experience.

The role of mentor is not one to be taken lightly, you have the responsibility to help new officials through practical experiences on poolside explaining the technical rules and areas which may not have been clear from class room based theory sessions as well as sharing the experience you have gained whilst performing the role.

Mentors provide a role model that the candidate may emulate as they progress through the course and draw upon in the future when they have passed their assessment.

British Swimming have prepared mentoring information sheets to assist you which you can find in the officials download page under Mentoring Information.

Please use these information sheets to reference what the candidates need from you as a Mentor when performing the role. They can be found in the mentoring information folder in downloads.