Inter-Counties 2015 Statement

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find volunteers to take on the roles of Coach and Team Manager for the 3 inter-county events we enter each year.  This puts even more work on the small band of volunteers that make up the Swimming Committee.

More often than not we have people signing up once the team has been selected and they know if they have a swimmer attending the event – this is too late as the Coaches and Team Managers need to be involved at a much earlier stage. The Swimming Committee wrote job descriptions for both these roles several years ago ,  the Coach is meant to select the team and the Team Managers are meant to do everything from contacting swimmers to check availability to ensuring all paperwork is in place and everything is sorted for the trip.

In light of the current lack of support the swimming committee have taken the decision that in future if these roles are not filled in sufficient time to allow the people to do the job the teams will be withdrawn from the competitions.

In line with this decision we are therefore asking Coaches and Team Managers to put themselves forward before the 5th January 2015 for the Junior Inter County competition.

The deadline for submitting the County Team Declaration is 30th January.

If we do not have 2 Coaches (1 male & 1 female) and 2 Team Managers (1 male & 1 female) in place by 5th January we will reluctantly withdraw the team.

The Committee also find it frustrating that despite being the highest ranking county in the region at National Inter County Championships we have been finishing 3rd and 4th in the Regional Inter County competition over the last couple of years. The Swimming Committee feel ALL of our swimmers ought to be proud to accept invitations to represent their county at any of these competitions and look forward to being able to field our strongest teams going forward.

The 2015 Junior Inter County competition is being held at Luton on 8th February

The 2015 Regional Inter County competition is being held in July and is being hosted by us at The Venue Borehamwood

The 2015 National Inter County competition is being held in October presumably in Sheffield