Funding Opportunities

Grant Towards Tablet

Hertfordshire ASA will make available to each swim21 club a grant of up to £320 towards the purchase of an iPad (or similar tablet) – for the avoidance of doubt, this grant may not be used to purchase non portable IT equipment. Clubs may purchase more expensive equipment if they wish by topping up the Hertfordshire ASA grant. Clubs must apply for the grant indicating what they wish to purchase – an e-mail to the Finance Officer is sufficient. Both the application and purchase must occur within the financial year 2014-2015 (i.e. prior to 31st March 2015). The club is responsible for the purchase and use of the equipment, which must be used in accordance with ASA child protection policies.
Note: the current cost of an entry level iPad at John Lewis, including 3 year guarantee, is £319.

Establishment of a Fund for Coaching Training

Hertfordshire ASA is creating a fund of £5,000 to be used to support coaches travelling abroad to develop their skills at conferences and the like. Each club can claim, at most, £1,000, on a first come first served basis. In the event of simultaneous claims which exceed the remaining funds, the Management Board Advisory Group will determine the most meritorious claims, or extend the fund. As a condition of receiving the funding, clubs must undertake to cascade the knowledge gained during the overseas trip – for example, to present at a coaches’ forum the knowledge learned. All claims must be agreed prior to the trip, indicating who is travelling, where, what the desired outcome is, and a proposal for cascading the learning. An e-mail to the Finance Officer is sufficient. Clubs may not combine claims against this fund with claims against the general Hertfordshire ASA Development fund. For the avoidance of doubt, abroad/overseas means outside the United Kingdom.