Hertfordshire ASA Management Board vacancies

A reminder that nominations for the nine vacancies for the Management Board must be submitted by 31st May 2014

Members of the Management Board must be ASA members of any club in the county, but no particular skill or knowledge is required, only a desire to contribute impartially to the decision-making in the county for the benefit of our athletes in all the aquatic disciplines.

There are only four meetings per year at the moment, plus the Annual Council Meeting. The requirement of members is attendance at those meetings, having read the paperwork circulated prior to the meeting. Items are discussed and decisions made, as well as monitoring the work of the discipline committees. The meetings are held on a weekday evening, at Welwyn Civic Centre at 8pm and last, at maximum, for two hours, as the room hire is until 10pm.

There is no requirement for additional time or input, only if an individual wishes to expand their commitment.

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