Hertfordshire County Championships Go Global

Hertfordshire County Championships dived into action on Saturday with the start of the main weekend of competition and added a new dimension to the event by offering live streaming for global viewing.

In 2013 the County set up a screen in the reception area and cafeteria of The Venue, Borehamwood where the Championships are held.  Being able to get out of the heat of the pool hall to sit and cool down or have a coffee whilst keeping abreast of proceedings was a great hit. With one camera just off poolside the coverage was limited but adequate.

 This year things have moved on, the county have 3 cameras in action, with a small crew from SkyVue Media operating them and manning a mixing desk collaborating with Chris Hisgrove from CMH Comms we have feeds to the TV screens from several angles and have opened a live stream to YouTube. The live feed was an experiment, but for something that hasn’t really been publicised it is proving very popular. Swimmers are finding relatives from around the county/country and indeed beyond our shores are able to watch them swimming.

The number of viewers so far is relatively small peaking at just over 50, but we envisage this will increase next weekend as word is now out. Interestingly as well as viewers in the UK we had watchers from Spain, Slovenia & America. Who would have thought that Hertfordshire County Championships would be finding a global audience.

Sessions 2,3,4,5 & 6 are all available to watch at your leisure at http://www.youtube.com/user/cmhcomms/videos.