Daplyn Trophy 2013

Saturday 7th December saw teams gather at Borehamwood for the Daplyn Trophy gala. As the final County event of the year this has always been a bit more relaxed – 2013 was no different!


The swimmers were greeted with a pool decorated with balloons spelling out DAPLYN 2013 floating over the top and when the warm up started the main lights were dimmed and disco lights fired up. With warm up finished the teams were ushered into the area around the small pool and with even more lights out were introduced to the audience one by one with spotlights and music after the President had been welcomed onto poolside. As they entered poolside the swimmers started an impromptu conga which eventually stretched all around the pool. Once the swimmers were all on, the officials paraded on and rather than the National Anthem the speakers blasted out Pink’s Lets Get This Party Started which pretty much set the scene for the night.

Eventually peace reigned and the Referee blew the whistle for the first event. Five girls entered the water and took their places for the backstroke event, Take your Marks, BEEP, the girls were off, then without warning Gangnam Style burst out from the speakers and the girls of Aqualina Synchro club treated us to a spot of synchronised swimming to a great reception from everyone. Once their routine was finished normality resumed and the racing for the Daplyn Trophies began.

Some great racing followed and after 6 events there was a pause whilst the control room sorted out the results to that point, once more the lights went down and the music began pumping, swimmers, audience AND officials were strutting their stuff in an attempt to win a spot prize for the best dancers, The announcers decision for this went to Potters Bar who duly received their prize from the President. The lights came back up and we were back off racing again. There was some fantastic swimming with some really close finishes. After event 12 there was another break to work out the standings before the final two races, again the lights were dimmed and the party continued, more music, more dancing and more prizes – this time Berkhamsted took the best dancers prize but every club got a reward as well as did Derek & Marilyn Hughes who boogied the night away.

The final session began and two races later it was all over, cue more music and dancing while the final results were worked out.

So the awards were presented by Mr Chris Sage, the Hertfordshire President, top 3 for the girls were

3rd Harpenden

2nd Berhamsted


And for the Boys

3rd Watford

2nd Berkhamsted

1st Potters Bar

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this gala the event it was by volunteering to give up their time and make it run smoothly. As one official said at the end, “I’ve lost count of the number of galas I’ve attended but I have NEVER seen anything like that – it was fantastic”