Hertfordshire ASA Open Water Championships and Age-Groups

As in the last three years, the Hertfordshire Open Water Championships and Age-Group Competitions will be held in conjunction with the ASA East Region Open Water Championships which will take place at Whitlingham on 14th July 2013. Entries for the events should be submitted to ASA East Region on the entry form available on the ASA East Region website. The close date is 1st June.

The championship events for Hertfordshire ASA are 800m, 1500m, 3K and 5K. The fastest swimmer in each event will be the county Champion, regardless of age, and the Junior Champion is the fastest swimmer, under seventeen years of age on 31st December 2013. Gold, silver and bronze championship medals will be awarded for the championship and the junior championship, for both the male and the female events.

The age-groups for the Age-Group Competition will mirror those in the region, except for the 1500m event.

For the 1500m event, the county will have two age-groups, rather than the one 12-16years age group in the region’s competition. There will be a 12-14years age-group and a 15-16years age group in the Hertfordshire ASA 1500m event.

The 2K event is not a Hertfordshire Championship event, but will be included in the Hertfordshire Age-Group Competition.

Gold, silver and bronze age-group medals will be presented to the first, second and third placed swimmers, male and female, for each age-group up to the Masters age-groups (25years and over). This includes the pre-Masters age-groups 17-19years and 20-24years. A gold Masters medal will be presented to the fastest swimmer, male and female, in Masters age-groups.