Your County and Your Athletes Need You!


The county Management Board has seven vacancies. This means there are only eight people taking responsibility for managing the county in all aquatic disciplines!!


PLEASE would you consider joining this group!  Experience is not essential, but what is more important is enthusiasm, ideas and commitment to ensure that our sport moves forward correctly and to the benefit of all our county’s athletes. The time commitment is not onerous, as there are currently only four meetings per year.

Nomination forms can be downloaded here.

Elections will take place at the Annual Council Meeting.


If you do not wish to join the Board perhaps joining one of the discipline committees might be more appealing. There are vacancies on the workforce development committee which looks after courses and training for all of us volunteers, and there is no committee at present for water polo!  Again there are just a few meetings a year, so it is not onerous. Experience is not a requirement either.

Nomination forms can be downloaded here.