Open Meet Licensing Guidelines

A few queries have arisen recently with reference to Level 3 and Level 4 meets and the currently published guidelines effective from September 2012. The following changes were agreed at the last meeting in May 2011.

1.1    Level 4 Meets: It was agreed to remove Open Meet status from Level 4 meets.  All such meets to be restricted to competitors of one club as in Club Championships and internal competitions..

1.2    Level 3 Meets: The qualifying time requirement to be removed as a consequence of the changes to Level 4 meets.

The guidelines were published with the amendments to reflect the Level 4 meets changes however the changes to Level 3 to include no requirement for a lower qualifying standard were omitted by accident and have only recently come to light.

Therefore the amended current guidelines effective from September 2012 as follows.

Page 2:  Level 3 Meets:         Upper limit times only are required.

Page 3:  Level 3 Either- LC or SC (min 25m)  County and Regional Championships +  Meets Level 1 & 2.  Not faster than NQT.

See note (a) Not compulsory

Please also note the changes to Officials:

The main changes for officials from September 12 (Page 3) are:-

No Open Level 4 meets
Licensed referee for every session at Level 3 galas
Referee for level 4 minimum qualification of Licensed JL2S
Officials training to be starters (JL2S) cannot start any level 1 or 2 galas which includes County Championships.
Officials training to be starters (JL2S) can only observe and not be assessed unless level 3 or below.

The new Guidlines Document Effective from September 2012 is available here